Let the Conversation Begin

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! It’s another media studies student entering the blogosphere

I know my title seems to be getting less and less unique every year but, for whatever reason, my fellow students and I feel like what we’re doing at Western University is somehow different than the rest. Although it may not be clear now, the knowledge that FIMS students gain in their theoretical perspective of the current media environment will be relevant tomorrow, as everything continues to be mediated by something. Most of all, FIMS students walk away with a highly refined sense of media literacy and critical thought; some increasingly necessary skills in the information overload-ed world that the Internet has allowed (or imprisoned us in, depending on how you look at it). Nonetheless, (and unfortunately supported with experience) these skills are not directly transferable into a steady paycheque. Just the idea of trying to explain “what I intend to do with my degree” to my relatives this summer is enough to get me thinking: how can I apply what I learn, to what I do? AND HERE WE ARE: a blog building on the expanding knowledge of social media, and its usefulness within an organizational framework.


SocialOrgs is intended to help any of you lucky netizens (see what I did there..?) in utilizing social media tools and their accelerating value for expanding and establishing organizations. Whether you represent a business, a large institute, a small fundraiser, or just yourself, this blog can help. Starting right now, and in the many posts to follow, discover how you can stay relevant and immersed in online conversation with social media in order to expand your network of available resources. I know social media has a childish and almost laughable reputation for being trivial, but the fact remains that these online tools keep people connected.

social-media-iconWhen it’s done right, social media can be an invaluable means of representing yourself to your intended audience. Not only that, but it can keep you relevant amongst the clutter of slogans and logos that are constantly aiming to attain your attention. The problem is, how can one represent themselves better than the rest? In reality, it’s not about representing one’s self better, but rather staying active amongst this backdrop of clutter. This is where social media steps in; it provides a means of creating conversation. Inspired by the Cluetrain Manifesto, this blog will show you how to establish and sustain that conversation with your audience, in the attempt to remain relevant in their daily lives and convert their attention into your end goals.

Stay tuned for this and more, including an in-depth case study of how this blog used social media to establish itself!


One thought on “Let the Conversation Begin

  1. agammal says:

    Reblogged this on AMBG and commented:
    Found this blog very helpful and informative. Fresh approach and easy to understand.

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